Types of Affiliate Programs and Different Marketing Opportunities

When you start with affiliate marketing, you do not know what the different types of affiliate programs available for you to start your online business and affiliate marketing opportunities that are of interest to you. Its very important to the basics of affiliate marketing to understand, so you dont waste your precious time with marketing campaigns that are not suitable for the type of affiliate program.

If you have the basics of affiliate programs, read on, because I’m different types of affiliate programs and affiliate marketing opportunities for affiliates are discussing today.

Affiliate programs can be divided into two types, pay per click (PPC) and performance (PPP) to pay. Basically they both bring satisfactory results, depending on how you evaluate.

Pay per click (PPC)

Pay per click affiliate programs have gained popularity among affiliate marketers. It maybe because it’s very easy to make money with pay per click. Pay per click affiliate programs pay affiliates every time they refer a visitor to their website, whether the visitor buys or not. The merchants can offer text or banner ads for the affiliate to choose and stick on his website. So when a visitor clicks on the text or banner ads, the affiliate gets paid a certain amount or percentage agreed with the dealer. You would not expect big bucks to get a single click, because most single clicks can be as low as $ 0.05. But if you can drive traffic and generate lots of clicks, then you very much.

Pay per performance (PPP)

Pay-per-performance is the most lucrative affiliate program for affiliates, because with pay-per-performance of the merchant pays the affiliate when the visitor buys the product (Pay per sale) or subscribe to the trader is not (pay per lead) offer.

This kind of affiliate programs are popular among traders and are often used by banks and insurance companies, who need sign-ups for their business to grow. And most of, if not all information products fall into this category. The pay commission is very thoughtful, hovering around 15% to 50%. So if the product is sold for $ 150 and get a 50% sell, your commissions are $ 75.

Tier affiliate marketing

Tier affiliate marketing or some level affiliate marketing affiliate programs affiliates can benefit from referring others to the affiliate program.

Tier affiliate marketing can be divided into several groups called one-tier, two-tier and multi-tier. And are all based on different levels in the affiliate network by which payments are made.

In single-tier affiliate marketing, affiliate commissions are paid only on the direct sales or traffic he / she refers to the merchant. Than in the two-tier affiliate marketing, the affiliate is only paid for direct sales that he refers to the dealer, but you have the opportunity to refer others to the affiliate program and once they sign up and be connected, a certain percentage of all sales they make. Multi-tier affiliate marketing is similar to two-tier affiliate marketing, but you get the affiliate additional commissions for a larger number of branches in different layers. You get a percentage of your referrals referrals.

Residual income affiliate marketing

Some branches take residual income affiliate programs affiliate program to go. Because of residual income you will have the opportunity to other people to refer to the affiliate program, but get paid every month as long as the referral remains a member of the affiliate program. So if security checks month after month.

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