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If the social media networks increasingly popular, many people have not only an account with Facebook, but at least one account with twitter in order to stay in touch with friends and no favorite news update. The economic downturn, advertisers have stopped placing ads in many of the Twitter Advertising Network, Twitter accounts and many have no ads for many months. It is frustrating to many, but if the economy improves, they will return. It is important that all twitters’ account holders to prepare by collecting as many references as possible before it happens.

The following are twitter advertising network that you can register and receive a reimbursement if you pay a few others’ twitters to them. Of course you only pay when your referrals to get paid.

There are four ways as I know you can make money. I will try to distinguish them, so you know what is best for you. All of them are explained as an ad, not your own tweets
1. Pay-per-lead
This type of advertising to put pressure on the twitter account holders, you only pay if someone is found to be potential customers. You do not get paid per click. The problem is that you do not know how many people will be potential customers, and even they are, you have no way of knowing, but at the mercy of advertisers. I really avoid.

2. Pay Per Sale
You only have to pay when the advertiser makes a sale, otherwise you will not have to pay. This type of advertising also put pressure on the twitter account. After the ad is placed, Can you trace the numbers of sales? No way. You are at the mercy of the honest advertisers. I really avoid.

3. Pay per click
You get paid whenever someone clicks on the tweet. Unfortunately, there are a number of controversies. Most of the ads placed on my twitter account will receive 1-2 clicks (I get paid 56 cents for a tweet), but when I tweet my own ad, it was more than 80 times clicked. We, as a twitter account not know how the clicks are tracked and counted types of clicks. I do not like to use less than paying a dollar for each ad, I prefer to be clear). This way of advertising puts pressure on twitter account, depending click counting the tweet agencies.

4. Pay per tweet
I love this. I would prefer if someone wants to make money by placing an ad on the Twitter account, it must first do some research. If they guess wrong, they should be paying the price, as they may well all their money and only pay us the price of each tweet.

In this world, I do not know why someone invents the types of advertising pressure on customers, while advertisers get any free ride. I do not know that there is someone so kind to let people make money on them and only pay when someone gets a huge mess of it without any risk.

Some twit agencies that I have registered
1. Be a maggie
Be a Maggie is a Twitter Advertising Network, they offer all four types of advertising above. I registered with them some time ago, but my account is suspended for some reason, I think I tried on some ads with Over time with them, I only see them offerring pay per lead and per sale. I do not have money from them.They also offer referrals service.

2. Twittads
Twitter is a Twittads Advertising Network, offers of ad, pay-per-tweet and pay per click (I think), because since a friend of mine registered with them, she has no money on them, because not allads that offer to its account.

Another twitter advertising network, offering them only on a pay per tweet twitter account holder. Since I registered with them, I made more than $ 100, but I did not pay, because all non-US citizens will need to fill out the W8-BEN form before they can get paid. I did it, but I still do not have to pay. In August 2010, the referral program is closed.

4. Adcause
Like others, adcause requires you to place an ad with description, duration, frequency, price. If advertisers like it, they will provide you with the price to place ads on your Twitter account. One of my friend has registered with them more than 6 months, but still no offer. I do not know how you pay. I see no referral button on them.

5. Pay4tweet
A network gives you the price your pay-per-tweet ads that appear in your Twitter account, and advertisers pay directly to your Paypal account, even if you are not a U.S. citizen. Since I registered with them, I have more than $ 100, but two of the payments were limited as Paypal took them off.

6. Sponsored tweet
They offer 2 types of ads. pay per click and pay per tweet. Even with the economic downturn, I’ve made a lot of money from them.You can even pay with balance less than $ 50, if you’re willing to a charge of $ 2.50 to accept. All are charged directly to your Paypal account.

7. Mylikes
They only offer pay per click, which is engaged in the U.S.. I’ve often when I first have a twitter account. I stopped using it because most of my ads were just one to two clicks. I do not want a tweet to sell for less than $ 1.00. You can register with them, if you want

8. Fiverr
The place for people to share things that they are willing to do for $ 5. I have not tried this yet, but you tweet someone advertising to offer for $ 5.

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