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The World Is For Sale And You Can Make Money From It!

Earning cash online by playing games is a lot of fun. But after the scam, no one really believes that it’s possible to make money online playing games. But I’ve got some good news for you, there is a website which has taken Weblo idea way further., which originated in Germany and has just launched the English text of his speech. Here, the concept is pretty much the same as one of Weblo, but are actually parts of the world are sold through Google Maps.

However, most members do not buy items just to make money but to show their emotional attachment to certain places, share memories and passion with the wider community – a platform for fans of space.

The advantage of this approach is that WYP is not a pyramid – just like diamonds, many people are buying virtual space to use them. The value in use is the necessary foundation for any virtual good to work as negotiated with the sustainable assessment.

So what are the ways to make money on the Internet with

That’s is the main question that bothers me. According to the press release

*  Travelers may buy their favorite holiday spot as virtual souvenir
* Activists occupy locations related to their cause and thereby reach potential supporters
* Supporters of rock stars or sports teams may buy a stadium as fan ground and invite other fans to that place
* Traders claim famous places and aim for resale at a profit
* People with any place-related field of interest (architecture, history, nature, movies etc.) may buy the related location and share their passion with like-minded people
* Couples may buy the spot where they first met as „partner place“
* Business owners may buy any place that somehow represents their business concept and thereby reach their target customers. The search engine listing of each place and the possibility to add URL links further adds to the marketing potential
* Location evangelists find a great opportunity to exclusively showcase their favorite place in the world

Earning money is not stated, here, so I’ve asked the administrator of this website. According to the reply, you can earn cash with WYP. The deal is that it’s like real estate, the land gets more pricey (assuming that gets more popular).