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Three Steps to Building a List & Making Money Online

Money is in the list! I’m sure you heard this phrase over and over again. It’s true! Building a list is one of the smartest things you can do if you want to make money online. Most newcomers are afraid of the list building because they think the complicated and technical. List building is time consuming and requires hard work.But, its definitely worth it. Here are three simple steps to build a list and making money.

Collect Free Ebooks
There are thousands of websites that offer free “how to” ebooks on almost any subject. Many of these ebooks come with a free redistribution rights. Begin collecting those ebooks. Download them into a folder on your computer every time you come across one. No matter what subject the e-book is about, as long as it teaches something that you think people want to learn.

Create a platform to give away this e-book
Simply create a page of site known as squeeze page where people can enter their information such as name and email address to get your free ebook. Even if you do not know how to build a one page site, there are plenty of people who do it for you for just a few dollars. Using online forums like Warrior Forum and digital points and freelance sites like Fiverr people who can build you a simple squeeze page can be found.

Get the word out about your free giveaway
There are many ways to let people know about your new site is giving away your free ebook how, both free and paid methods. A free way to get the word out is by participating in chat rooms and online forums related to the topic of your ebook. Use your signature link to link to your squeeze page. Try to be helpful to other members and establish yourself as an authority in your niche.Some forums are “Freebies” category, where you can post about your free ebook giveaway and invite people to take advantage of it.

You can also use Facebook and MySpace and other social networking sites to promote your ebook giveaways. You can also use paid methods such as Google AdWords ads. If you do not have the budget for paid promotions, do not worry about it. There are plenty of free promotional methods available, some of which work better than the paid methods.

How to make money from what you’ve done so far?
Well, if people sign up for your free ebook to get to their email addresses, enter which means they have agreed to receive email offers from you. After a while you have a huge list of people who share a common interest. Now you have a decent affiliate product that needs to find answers to your list (a common objective), and the list on the product and tell how it can help them. Sometimes you do not agree to the e-mails themselves to write. Most suppliers have pre-written emails you can use to email to your list.

That’s it! That is the basis of building a list and making money. It sounds simple, but it requires hard work ad efforts to succeed in the list building and making money online.