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Make Money With Credit Card Affiliate Programs


If you’ve been around affiliate marketing any time at all, then most of you know that Web Hosting Affiliate Programs pay some of the top commissions in the industry. What many of you don’t know is that Credit Card Affiliate Programs pay a lot more than Web Hosting Affiliate Programs in most cases.

While most web host will pay you between $25 and $100 per sign up, there are many Credit Card affiliate programs that will pay you $50 to $300 per sign up. Some of these affiliate programs will pay you every time someone fills out a credit card application while others just pay you whenever someonen you refer qualifies for a credit card.

Why Credit Card Affiliate Programs Can Be More Lucrative Than Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Well, it’s simple really. How many people do you know need Web Hosting? Now how many people do you know need a Credit Card? Yeah, now you’re seeing the potential.

While you may have a hard time getting people to sign up under your webhosting affiliate program, simply because most people don’t need it, most credit card programs work well simply because you’ll be steering people to the sign up page with your affiliate link. Most of these programs have multiple cards to choose from, so if your Customer has bad credit, no problem, there’s a card for that. Do the want a credit card with reward points? No problem, most programs have those cards available. Have someone who wants a credit card with balance transfer? You guessed it, most programs have cards available for that also.

If you choose a credit card program members who will pay for filling applications, (which pays about $ 2 to $ 5 per request), you may find that you can get more people to fill the requests CC that are approved for the cards. It just depends on what kind of traffic you are targeting.

Once you realize that it is very easy to direct people through your affiliate link, you begin to realize the potential at your disposal to make money with these programs. In many cases, it is as easy as putting your affiliate links where people who need credit cards find them.

How To Get Started Making Money With Credit Card Affiliate Programs

There are a lot of credit card affiliate programs out there today. Due to the credit crisis we’ve fast over the last year or so, the number of credit card companies using affiliate programs has declined, but there are still plenty of others out there to make this a profitable venture.

One program that Beginners can get started in the Credit Card Affiliate business with is My Credit Card Cash. When you sign up with them, they give you a website already pre-populated with nearly 100 card offers. All that you must due is to promote your affiliate website url. Since they’ve already made the site for you, there’s no site building or other technical knowledge required.

Then, each time someone goes through your website and is approved for a credit card, you earn a commission. Some of these cards have a payout as much as $121. Most are in the $30 to $75 range. It doesn’t take long to see that there is a lot of potential here.

As of this writing, they’re offering a 14  day trial for $1. After that, they’ll charge you $37 per month until 4 people have been approved for credit cards through your website, then it’s free. I was able to get 4 sign ups easily within the 14 day trial so my website was free.

Most of these types of programs will charge a fee until you have a certain number of sign ups through your website. This is in part to keep people from signing up for their affiliate program and then doing nothing. They only want Affiliate Marketers who will be promoting their affiliate sites. This is why most will give you the website after you’ve signed up a certain number of people that are approved for a credit card.

Ways To Promot Your Own Credit Card Website

The good thing I like with the credit card program is affiliated with the online promotion is very effective. Once I had my website, I went and had some business cards free compound. The first group would only say “bad credit? Need a credit card?” through the middle of the card in bold. Below that my URL. I had 500 business cards to the first time and left these wherever he went. Grocery stores, drive-in boards, bulletin around several companies (especially coffee) and so on. This is how I managed to get 7 entries in my process of 14 days.

And that’s the trick to make credit card programs affiliate to pay, as with any affiliate program, get your affiliate link in front of people who want what you have to offer.

You could try to have some free business cards made with your affiliate URL and then leaving them everywhere around town. Laundry Mat, Shop C, Cafe … many of these places have community bulletin boards and worth a try.

Although I haven’t tried it yet, a Classified Ad in small Local and Regional newspapers may also do just as good. In my area, I could take out one ad and have it placed in 8 different local community newspapers for about $90 per month.

Ways To Promote Your Credit Card Website Online

Now that I’ve showed you a few effective ways to market you credit card affiliate website offline, let me show you a few ways to do it online.

Basically, the way I started out marketing my own credit card affiliate website was the same method I used in the January $2500 Challenge. I signed up in several forums and answered questions about debt, finance, family related questions and questions about credit cards. My signature had a link to my site in it. In some post, where it was relevant, I left a link to my site.

I also promoted my affiliate website on Yahoo Answers and Wiki’s whenever I answered a question and where a link made sense and was helpful. If you go in and start throwing links all over the place, you’ll be banned in no time flat for spamming, as you should be.

Another good way to promote your affiliate link is through article marketing as well as building a network of sites over family and personal finance. Although this will take a while, once you have the traffic coming in, this could be a very good money earner.

And that’s how I make money with Credit Card Affiliate Programs. I did it for a while and once you get your system down, I think you’ll find that this is a pretty good way to earn income. I find it a lot easier than promoting some other affiliate programs, but everyone is different. You may find it more difficult or easier. If nothing else, sign up for a trial and give it a try to see if you’ll like it. You never know, you might have a big earner on your hands.