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An Easy Way to Make Money Online With Google Trends and CPA Offers

There is an easy way to make money online with Google trends and CPA. The process is quite simple, but there is work involved. If you are not familiar with the CPA and what its all about, please read What is CPA, come back and read the rest of this article. As for Google Trends, are in fact a Google tool that lets you discover the new patterns in the behavior of keyword search. So you can see what topics are hot right now. To make money with this method, you must combine CPA with Google trends. Here is how to make money online using Google trends and CPA offers:

Choose a trend

First things first, visit Google trends and get a hot topic that you want to use. I would suggest you pick a trend that has some knowledge about, or at least can quickly learn the basics of it, doing this makes it easier for you to make money with the trend.Make it easy to understand and follow for everyone. Let’s assume you choose Apple iPod.

Choose a CPA offer

For this, of course you must be registered with a CPA network or two. If you do not, then register with a pair. I highly recommend MaxBounty because I use it myself and they always pay on time and have a very friendly affiliate managers. There are also many other legit CPA networks out there. Log in to your CPA network site and search for a simple zip code or e-mail offers made, preferably those Apple iPod giveaway. Zip and e-mail offers to pay $ 1 and $ 5 for every lead that results only have to submit an email address or a ZIP code for you to get a commission. They are much easier to promote and to convert, because people do not have any money to get a free product.

Building a simple blog page

This page will serve as your landing page, where you have a link to your CPA offer. You can use free blogging platforms like Blogger (blogspot) to build a blog in a few minuets. I suggest you buy your own unique domain name and hosting. You could buy. Info domain for $ 0.99 and $ 5 per month will cover your hosting. Plus you can use the same site for different trends by creating a new page for each trend. If you do, make sure you buy a generic domain name, as you will work with different kinds of trends and CPA.

On this site (page), a simple poll on the trend with a yes or no answer option, where both yes and no link to your CPA to offer. So, no matter which button they click, they are forwarded to the CPA offer you promote. Make sure you poll too complicated, make it easy and fast. In our case, it would be something like:

Do you think Apple’s iPod is too expensive? Or would you prefer a free Apple iPod or a free iPod Touch?

You can also use your articles and polls rather than simply a link to the CPA offer (you can not do that to article directories, because most of them do not allow affiliate links).

Write a few articles

If you know about the subject (in our case Apple iPod), write a few articles about the trend picked up. In our case, the Apple iPod. You could write about the history, its usefulness and must be why people have and etc. These articles have a link to your site that you’ve built you a link to the CPA offer you plan to promote have.

If you do not know much about the subject, just do some research online. A simple and quick way to learn important things about the trend to search Google and find articles written about. Read these articles and rewrite them in your own words. I am not advocating you copy-paste articles from other people. Please do not copy and paste articles. This is considered plagiarism and is punishable by law, plus unethical. Instead, use them as a guide to writing your articles.

Submit articles to Article Directories

For exposure, you should submit your articles to article directories. However, many article directories a few days to approve your articles as Google Trends and usually last only a few days or so, by the time your article is published, the trend would have subsided.So, you need to submit articles to article directories that are directly or within 24 hours or approve so as

Promote your site

The only thing left is to … to do good, promote your site at least you can. Remember, trends die quickly, so do not waste your time with long time SEO methods, instead methods and fast track like tweeting, social bookmarking and etc. The more traffic you get, the more money you make can give.

This method allows anyone to make money online with a little work.Timing is critical with Google trends. You have the right to succeed.But be prepared for setbacks and failures. You may not make money your first few tries and you will not make money on every trend you work. Do not give up! You will be perfect as you progress. Learn how you time it just right and how the least amount of time to spend on every trend while making the most amount of money from it.