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Earning $10 or more on Hubpages

Earning $10 or more on Hubpages

The writer started working at the Hubpages for writing on them in the starting of 2010. Before this he was working at Google AdSense and earned only few pennies in a day. When he started working, he did not know from where and how much amount he would earn from this kind of work. For about 1½ years he did not work on Hubpages by writing and earning. He did not start any kind of work on Hubpages. But on the arrival of 2012 he started working on this website with the hope to earn some amount of money.

When he started working on Hubpages then he thought that he would give another chance to Hubpages to earn extra income through this website.

Earning $10 or more on Hubpages

Have you ever earned over $10 in anyone month on Hubpages?

  • I did not earn over $10 in another one month
  • I earned more than $10 in one month


I started working on Hubpages this year and now my income started. In the beginning my income was so small but still there are dollars in my earning instead of pennies. I kept my pace on Hubpages and at the arrival of March I earned about $5 in one month which is a fresh and hopeful achievement for me. Next month was April in which my earning reached to $8 per month and in the next month which was May I reached to the payment threshold. When June started I worked whole heartedly and till 20th June I crossed the payment threshold and I earned $10 in one month and now my earning entered into double figure in one month.

June 2012

When I earned $10 till 20th June then I thought that I have already crossed the payment threshold and now my income will go high and I started more and more earning but no. I did not earn more and I had to still work on the same rate and amount for the next 10 days. I thought that I earned $10 till 20 of the month and there are 10 more days and during this period I would earn $5 more and my earning will reach to $10 which will be new mile stone for me. Now the work was pay off and I saw some dollars in my PayPal accounts.

20th June 2012

  • Earning over one full dollar in one day
    With the passage of time the earnings started climbing to higher side on Hubpages. At that time I felt happy as I started more and more money which gives me enough financial support.