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Action Against Companies Being Involved in Ponzi Scheme



The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has started taking legal action against two companies including Gold Transmit Network Technology (Pvt) Limited and Green Apple Super Market (Pvt) Limited in terms of section 301 read with section 304 of Companies Act, 2017.

It is reported that these two companies are found involved in some illegal and unauthorized activities and they were offering Ponzi business / schemes in Pakistan and they deprive of the unsuspecting public of their money. Action Against Companies Being Involved in Ponzi Scheme.

The SECP has issued the statement and they clarified that the raising unauthorized deposits from the public and they were involved in the multi level marketing (MLM), referral marketing, pyramid and Ponzi schemes locally or internationally, directly or indirectly, which are the unlawful business activities.

Considering the above mentioned activities, SECP warned the people not to mislead others by the fraudulent activities and market their schemes, which are launched by the companies through the advertisement in the print and electronic media, emails, websites and the mobile phone messages etc.

Free Music Blog

MP3 Music Blog is a blog where you can download music for free.A music blog is made with many mp3 music files stored in a database. Music blogs are also known as audio blogs. There is much free music available for blogs available for music lovers.People can even own a blog and free music that can be used to teach people about music. The blog can be very informative by including latest trends in music, updates about music bands and the introduction and interviews on bands.
This makes people interested in music blogs. If the music blogs can free downloads of various types of music will be even more attractive. Now one day music blogs are becoming very popular with most of the popular blogs increasingly interactive. An interactive blog free music and music allow people to discuss about music, bands and albums to participate along with their favorite singers and instrument players.These blogs may even vote for their favorite music and popular albums, songs, singers and bands. Interaction with various music lovers can get interesting and it helps people to knowledge and get updates on developments in contemporary music. The benefits of free music blog is that you enjoy many of the latest and popular music downloads. You can even find even popular old tunes. So they not only cater to the younger generation but also for the generation of the yesteryears. So people from different departments and different age groups to visit the music blogs and enjoy the music across all boundaries physically or mentally. So people can really enjoy the attractive features of free music blog still up to date with the latest developments in the music industry.

Test if You Will Become the Richest Person in World

Money is one of the main drivers in the world. Most of our work not only to make money, but also to become rich. Wealth brings them comfort. One can have all the luxury in the world and also get the aura of power. Wealth is power

If a quick survey is conducted to see if people want to be rich, the majority of responses will e in yes. Add another question – Do you think the richest person in the world now, and you will be surprised with the answers. Most of the answers will be none. Very few of us believe that we have it in us to become the richest person. We are afraid of the idea and believe that we are not able to the richest person. Why? Because we do not believe in our abilities and have created a mental block that says – How can you, as an ordinary person dream of becoming the richest in the world?

This is our mental block that stops us to think creatively. Once we decide in our minds, we become the richest person and deserve to be, we will find ways to do it. The first need is to break the mental block, the second to find ways to do it. Once you decide in your mind that you want to achieve that goal and you achieve that goal, finding a business plan that will help achieve that goal to set. This will be tough, but once our mind is asked to find solutions, she gets.

Test your attitude towards yourself. Test if you have blocks in your mind. If there are barriers and repeat to yourself that you deserve the place you have decided to reach. Working on it and you will reach one day. Remember that no rich man woman ever thought they would be so rich. Like you they all suffered from self doubt and then they came.

Get Free Traffic From Press Releases

Press releases are still an important tool for businesses, nonprofit organizations, government and social action groups on the Web.Some pre-internet communication forms as easily translated into web publications. It is easy to add a press release to your website or blog. You can even post them in forums on the Web to drum up discussion on the topic. A press release to announce anything of value, be it an event, a new release, a change, a promotion, or whatever it is, you must make sure it is well written, interesting, and reach your target audience.

The purpose of the press release is typical publicity.

The strange thing is that few people press their actual release to the press. In case of large companies, government agencies or large NGOs have generally low coverage of press in mainstream media. For your press release to be effective, make sure you send it to the correct journalists, editors, magazine reporters, bloggers and other writers for publication, with a broad audience. This could mean finding the e-mail from the Small Business editor of your local newspaper or any newspaper reporters who beat in the country. It depends mainly on your client, or if you do it yourself, your audience. However, if you do not go to the press release by the various people that news coverage will be just another post on the internet. It is doubtful those same reporters will look for your uninvited press release.

If you work regularly with press releases, will they need to create custom mailing lists for distribution to their creation. If you have multiple clients, some of the contacts can overlap, but many will differ only to the individual campaign. So you will get a customized list of the reporters, editors, webmasters and bloggers before you send the press release, otherwise you’ll be doing from the beginning every time. If you build these lists when browsing the web and doing other work, over time you can find lists of hundreds of good sources who work in the area and can re the details of your press release in their newspaper, magazine or blogs.

If you really seeking publicity for a client or website, you can also press releases to news outlets and TV watching a reference to promote a specialized report or market analysis. This usually works well for new gadgets and software releases, but it depends on the weight of the information and product involved. Another way to get your press release read, videotaped and then posted on a video hosting site like YouTube or others. The budget of the account in question will determine whether it is a very manufactured script or a guerilla marketing campaign. These are just some of the things to consider when writing a press release, the important thing to remember is networking.

Sash Windows – Some Information for UK Buyers

If you are a UK homeowner, chances are that you sliding in your area. These are the most common form of windows and come in a variety of styles and sizes. Here is some information on the sash that you might find interesting and instructive.

What is a sash?

A sliding window consists of two wooden frames mounted in a vertical frame that contains two tracks. The frames, also known as sashes, hold 1 or 2 panes of glass. The wings up or down the tracks, so the window can be opened or closed. In older types of window sashes, weights suspended by ropes or cords of the window easier. If there are two panes of glass in a sash, it is known as a double-glazed sash. Alternatively, several panes of glass, also called light, a sash. These are held in place by narrow strips called rods bars.

What are some characteristics of a sash?

Since replacement of sash windows can cost upwards of £ 600 each, it is important to know what to look for when considering them. Sliding windows in wood, the rods are removable bars. This gives the homeowner a versatility in the window watching. Further simplify removable rods bars clean. Since most modern sash no longer use ropes and weights, modern designs, the wings are completely removed from the frame. New sliding windows can be a convenient tilt mechanism, so the outdoor portion of the window can be cleaned from inside. Although many types of replacement sash windows are made of wood, others are aluminum clad on the outside. Aluminum clad windows come in a variety of colors to your home and never paint or maintenance of any kind. This makes them very popular with homeowners. Additionally, custom sash are widely available, meaning that custom shapes and sizes can be made for even the most unique window openings, such as octagonal, etc. A UK window manufacturer advertises “11,000 different patterns and styles, more than 4,000 standard shapes and sizes, “so it is clear that sliding windows are incredibly versatile.

What to expect from a sash Contractor

Many companies that install and replacement of sash windows in the United Kingdom, manufacturers. This makes the installation or replacement of a seamless process. A good contractor will offer competitive prices and will work within your set budget. The process begins with a site survey and consultation. Subsequently, the technical design and manufacture of replacement sash windows. Finally, the windows are fitted and installed. Because most large windows with a warranty (10 to 20 years), it is important to choose an established contractor who will be available for repairs (if necessary under the warranty) and in the future.

Sliding windows are an important part of many British homes.Does it not make sense so shop carefully for the contractor when the windows?