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5 Best Affiliate Marketing Networks for Beginners To Make Money Online

To make money online promoting affiliate products, you need to find affiliate marketing networks. Affiliate marketing networks make it easy for you to find offers to promote on the basis of category, payment, popularity and etc. And although there are many affiliate marketing networks out there, not all are worth. Here are 5 networks that I consider to be the top affiliate marketing networks for beginners to start making money online:

Commission Junction is one of the best affiliate marketing networks
Commission Junction
Commission Junction is without doubt one of the largest and most popular affiliate marketing networks out there. Very easy to search and find those offers that fits your needs. Easy to follow and analyze data for conversion rates, traffic generation and more. You also get a dedicated account manager who can help with any questions or concerns you may have, which, if you’re a beginner, can come in handy. They offer a very flexible payment options incentives.

ShareASale is another top affiliate marketing network
A share in the sale is an international affiliate marketing company that gives you the opportunity to promote more deals in more countries. ShareASale also offers a referral program. For every person you refer to a share sale, you will receive (if they participate) $ 1 and 5% of their future earnings.

One of the top affiliate programs BayAffiliateProgram
eBay Affiliate Program
eBay affiliate program is very easy to get started. There are thousands of products in different categories that you can promote and earn money. Of course, eBay is a global company, which means more products and services are available to encourage more countries. Another reason for eBay affiliate is not only good for beginners, but for anyone for that matter, the name itself. You will have much greater click through rate because of the name eBay. People know and trust the name, so they are more likely to click on the link to your blog.

Amazon Associates is one of the oldest and best affiliate marketing networks

Amazon Associates
Amazon affiliate is perhaps one of the first affiliate programs ever.Like eBay, there are thousand of products. It is easy to install a widget on your blog (especially if you use Blogger as your blogging platform) which product you choose will help. It also has the advantage of name recognition, which can be useful for you in making money as a beginner affiliate marketer.

MaxBounty, one of the fastest growing affiliate marketing networks

Maxbounty is one of the fastest growing affiliate marketing networks today. They have tons of great products especially for you to promote, email and zip code to submit offers. These offers are offers for you to get paid, all your visitors have to do is submit their e-mail address or postcode. It is very easy to make money with e-mail and postal code to submit offers especially if you’re a beginner affiliate marketer. They also have a great team of account managers who are more than willing to help with any problems.

I know there are other affiliate marketing networks out there. Sites like ClickBank which undoubtedly a great affiliate marketing network, and perhaps one of the best. But ClickBank is not easy to use for a complete novice. And in this post, I just wanted the best five affiliate marketing networks for beginners to make money online as an affiliate marketer list.