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A man earning $75,000 per annum in India with samosas after leaving job at Google


In 2014, Munaf Kapadia left his permanent job in Google and decided to work in his mother’s kitchen and now he’s earning more than $75,000 through this business of “Bohri Kitchen”.

After starting in 2014, this kitchen now becomes a major brand after it flourished in just 2 years. There were just 20 guests at the start of this business but now it serves several high profile parties in and outside Mumbai along with 30 deliveries every day.

Kunal Vijayakar, TV host and food writer, says that the biggest achievement of Munaf is to convert his mother’s kitchen in to a brand name while he is one among few chefs that reached so high with their kitchen business. Now Kapadia is hopeful to take his business on such a level to achieve the target of $450,000 per annum next year.

For this purpose, the businessman wants to open another kitchen which will be closer to his home that will allow more liberty and control to his mother and she’ll be able to make more and different dishes for the customers. He is also aiming to start his business in other cities also.