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For students wishing to higher education programs such as undergraduate and postgraduate level in Italy to attend is supposed to be the best. Basically Italy has played an important role in European higher education, and it is the land of the other four countries known as the best and named the “European Higher Education Area”. The country Italy is ranked among the eight most industrialized countries in the world

Basically, the academic year in Italy in two semesters, first semester starts in September / October and usually ends in January / February and the second semester begins in February and ends in July. In every university, start and finish can vary, but each term remains 20 weeks. The duration of the semester, which will include 14 weeks for 20 weeks and 6 weeks class time for the examination period.

Most of the teaching skills in the Italian universities are held in large lecture halls and depends on the progress of the study. Students also conduct self-examination in large part outside the classroom to prepare for exams. In higher education the world Italy is believed to be the leader of education and always offer the opportunity to study in the home of the university.

The majority of students from around the world always consider Italy as their best source of education. There are many students from around the world in the Universities of the Italian study for higher education. Nowadays, the study in Italy has made ​​it easy for students who are the reasons why more students choose Italy as the best source of getting a higher education.

In this way you can not only study but also earn a lot of money by doing part time job in Italy.

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