Making Money With Automotive Leads After Conversion

Most dealerships spend a lot of money to acquire new automotive leads – whether it is by using traditional methods like advertising in newspapers, collecting leads through salespersons or by buying the leads from internet lead generation portals. The automotive leads bought from internet portals are seen to pay more dividends than any other form but the main problem comes when dealers don’t know what to do with the leads after the conversion have been done. Earlier, dealers used to throw away the leads like waste but there are ways in which they could make money even after they’ve been used.

After the automotive leads have been converted, these could be sold to other businesses which cater to the same consumers. For example, auto loan providers, debt consolidators, bankruptcy loan providers, auto insurance agents etc. Even if the leads turn out to be old or completely refuse to purchase any car products, buying them wouldn’t be considered as a waste. Most of the leads which do not make purchase don’t have the finances to do so. In these cases, the automotive leads become very precious for loan providers or debt consolidators. It has the added benefit that the dealer doesn’t have to go into business with a consumer who has bad credit rating. The risk would be taken by the loan provider and the dealer would get to sell the car for cash.

If the leads convert into sales, then they could be sold to auto insurance providers or car servicing agents and dealerships. These people get to benefit most from consumers who have purchased a vehicle and can offer more money for the leads.

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