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Earn money by uploading files is very popular and we see a lot of upload sites provides that provide get paid to ( GPT) upload services. This will help us with sharinguploading and making money. We can upload our normal files like worksheet calculations, word documents, PDF documents, music, movie, software, photos,games,etc. When sharing our files, people who are interest and download them, we can make money, with some people making more than $1000 a month with this method. This is simple and you will want to join in, the question is, How can you become effective making money by upload? I will share to you some effective guide for successful with making money by uploads.

Six important principles you must consider:

Traffic : We can imagine having an interesting store but located off a small lane street with less traffic, therefore people will pass by missing us and we will get no sales and no money.

Trend : If we want to get more downloads, we should know the trends of people, what they like or dislike. We can experiment and create various kinds of files, review the statistics and then decide what we need to change or focus on. We can try to find the hot trends or see what the popular topics currently are on to find out what people are looking for.

80/20 principle : this means if we have uploaded 100 files in the same place , only 20 upload files are bringing most income to us, so we need to focus on 20% of files and promote them more to try to increase what we earn by the upload.

Visitor’s location : the country of visitors is also important, most uploaded sites pay top rate for USA, Europe and the others depend on each sites. We must choose the upload service rate for most of our visitor’s country.

The size of file : it depends upon the upload site. Generally they count from 1MB or 5MB and the bigger files will pay more. Because a part of their earnings is from selling premium membership, and also no one buys when they download small files. With big files, people want to get it faster and do not wait, and they therefore will pay for that service. This is the reason why upload sites prefer us to be uploading big files.

Time is of the essence: You may find how to convert time into money at here:Time is money.

Some tips to spread upload files and earn money ( and you must follow above principles)

a.Post at forums

There are a lot of big forums that have download corners or allow us to share files. But before that you need to carefully read the forum rules. Putting our files on this site will get thousands of downloads and earn significant money. This is also residual earning, so you will earn your income even you do nothing with last post. Note: we may combine the five above principles to get effective downloads.

b. You just choose 5 interesting files, upload and share those files, do not make your overload at the beginning, just do step by step but daily posting and you will see the results.

c. With beginners: we will just find a large forum that allows us to share our files, if this works we can do more. Do not post more than 2 sharing link post per day at same forum because you can easily get banned.

d. Do not try to cheat: Upload sites will definitely catch you and your account will get banned.

e. After a week, , you need to prepare a summary and determine what people need and where you can get more downloads. You will find that you spend more time on this important part. If you do the work without careful direction, you will easily get bored and disappointed with your results.

f. Others : you can share your file to your blog (if have a lot of traffic), your mail, your Facebook, MySpace or Twitter. If you have a large network, you can easily make money very soon.

Some abbreviations

FTP upload : FTP is File Transfer Protocol which is a standard network method used to transfer files over the Internet. This method will help the upload work faster and save you time.

Remote upload : this process is a transfer of data from a remote system to another remote system. This will save you time and does not use your bandwidth.  For example: you have a file at another site that you want to transfer to a new upload site to earn with their program. You just put the URL (HTTP or FTP URL) to the link box and upload within a few minutes and this does not rely on your Internet upload speed.

Best File Upload Hosting

I had spent a long time using and researching about earning money by uploading and I shared some best free file hosing sites with best rankings and quick pay.

Top Four Best file uploads hosting:

Duckload : This is new service and it has good payment. You can get up to $45 per 1000 downloads in any country. They will pay you when you reach $10 weekly on Mondays by PayPal, Alertpay, ePassporte or WebMoney.

FileServe :I find their service to be good and I would recommend you use their service. They provide 500 GB storage,  you can get up to $25 per 1000 downloads, and they apply for all countries. This is great for us because many of our visitors may be from specific countries. They will pay you when you reach $20 by PayPal or ePassporte, Payoneer or WebMoney.

FileSonic : Their service is also very good and they have great promotion each month. They paid up $30 per 1000 downloads with 40 countries including US, Canada, Europe and some others countries.

Payment :Minimum is $15. Payouts through PayPal, AlertPay and Webmoney. They payout weekly.

Updated 1 Dec 2010: FileSonic pay per download from all country from 2 July 2010. With Group D ( Others country the rate from $1 to $6).

Hotfile : Their hosting is great with many good benefits and support. You can use FTP upload or Remote Upload the big files within few minutes. They paid up to $15 per 1000 downloads and they paid you when your payment amount is $15 with PayPal, Webmoney and Epassporte..

Feel free for share your comments and your experiences about make money by uploading files.

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