Make Money By Selling Photos Online

Leave it to the electronic world to find another way to make money. Now you can make a good living by selling your digital photographs to stock photo websites. With as many people going to those websites to find pictures for their stories or other purposes, you’re bound to find someone who will pay to use your photos. While all you need is a decent camera and the ability to take a picture without shaking, there are some things you need to do to be successful.


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      Limit what you shoot to only one or two categories. For instance, if you have a knack for shooting landscapes, find some that are particularly interesting, then shoot them during different seasons to both change perspective and to appeal to more people who buy them.

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      Recognize there is strength in numbers. Register on as many stock photo websites as you can. But before you do, read about how much each one charges for your photos and the website’s requirements for submitting to the site.

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      Submit only those photographs to the websites that you feel are particularly good. At the end of the day, someone will have to like your work enough to buy it to justify your time and efforts.

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      Get permission from individuals that you include in your photographs to avoid problems later. Without such permission, someone in your pictures can sue you for much more than you receive from a buyer.

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      Submit your photographs to the websites by category, because that’s the way people buy them. Very often, if photographs are submitted in bulk, you’ll run the risk of them being rejected by some websites for that very reason. Or, they will be loaded in bulk and will go unnoticed by potential buyers.

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      Increase your success on some websites by classifying your photos under several different categories. For example, a website may have separate categories for “fall foliage” and “Autumn in New England.” By having your photograph of your landscape listed on both, your chances of selling that picture are greatly improved.

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      Become an expert in attaching keywords to your photos. Most stock photo websites offer you a certain number of characters to use as keywords that will allow your pictures to be found by searchers, whether they have come to that website or through a search engine. Be careful in coming up with those keywords, because many websites use them as an excuse to reject photos submitted to them.

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