Learn How To Start A Blog On A New Web Site

First you need to create a database
The first step once you have your domain name and hosting is to create a database. This can be done automatically, or you might need at least a username and password to suggest. Create the database and make a note of this information. We will come back!

Then you must download WordPress
Go to WordPress.org, look for the link to the latest version of the software to download and download. Save it somewhere easy to find on your machine and then once it is downloaded, navigate to where you saved it and unzip it (right click, then pick up everything in Windows Explorer).

FTP the files on your website
If you use an FTP program like this, otherwise use Internet Explorer or just install a free FTP program of your choice. But just upload the files to your site. If you already have pages that you want to keep a folder, for example “site” to create and upload the files to there.

Configuring the blog
Remember those login details? Well open the wp-config file in Notepad or something similar, and follow the instructions to set it up. This will improve access to the database data and a number of other pieces include the instructions in the file.

Founded WordPress on your website
It takes seconds – go to the address of your new website and enter your user name (for security, not “admin”), a password and your email address. That’s it, your site is up!

Adjust your site to your heart’s content
Finally, log into your blog and you could customize all you want. Look through the setting and change the blog name and description and find something meaningful to the Users section and give yourself a nickname that does not give away your character’s name (a useful safety measure). Set your site to the nickname instead of user messages to display.

Add some useful plugins
Then add what plugins you need. I recommend a backup plug-in, for example, WordPress Database Backup, and Limit Login Attempts to add security to your login form. Diet Review is admirable for keeping the database space usage down and WP Captcha Free prevents most comment spam at the source.

Choose a number of themes
What your new blog look is vital and you’re not just limited to the thousands of themes on the WordPress site. A quick search for free themes will be much more and there are stacks that you can pay extra for.

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