Investments on Ocean Thermal Energy

The experts from Scotland indicated that developments in the renewable energy sector will help to tackle climate change problem of the Maldives. The researchers of the Robert Gordon University Aberdeen are planning an innovative study on the potential ocean thermal, wind and wave energy to perform.Government of the Maldives, the implementation of the carbon-neutral plan in 2020, since the Maldives is a low-lying islands and could easily be affected by rising sea levels caused by climate change.

Under this plan from the Robert Gordon University will participate effectively in the study of tidal and ocean thermal energy and these projects will meet the future energy needs of the Maldives. The Robert Gordon University will release its reports on the survey in the first half of 2011. Jim Mather, the Scottish Enterprise Minister stated that the substantial measures to major changes in the small country and the Maldives for the research will help tackle climate change network.

Oceans are considered the most powerful source of energy.Incredible news is that the oceans and the enormous amount of energy built into the ocean can exceed the amount of energy consumed by the human race has. The ocean energy can be tapped to meet the future requirements with the right investments in energy, mixing the qualities of water with advanced technologies and the natural laws of energy dynamics. Offshore wind energy project and ocean power are connected and the offshore wind energy project depends on the conditions of the ocean.

Water in the ocean contains mostly mountains of energy such as tides, waves and currents, but measuring the salinity and temperature gradient, is a daunting task. For the implementation of a 10 megawatt project in Hawaiian coast of Oahu, the U.S. Naval Facilities Engineering Energy Commission allocated an investment of 12.5 million U.S. dollars and the funding will be managed by the Lockheed Martin Corporation.

Renewable energy credit or certificate is an important tool that gives an assurance to the companies that are seeking support for renewable energy projects and the amount of energy investment should be given depends on the certificate only. The main goal of renewable energy certificates, financial assistance for projects to provide clean energy, since the amount involved in the project is enormous and includes more risk. The renewable energy credit from Australia recently I crashed and people are waiting for a solution from the government and renewable energy developers.The decision must be taken by the government and the developer is very important because renewable energy future in Australia depends on the decision.

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