How To Earn Money On Facebook Within Two Clicks?

With social commerce becoming one of the hottest topics of the year Buxter ClickandBuy today a white paper merchant based on their in-contact-Payment solution “Buxter. The white paper provides valuable insights into the benefits of one-touch click-payments compared with traditional methods like Paypal or Alertpay.

“How can I get my conversion rate?” This is the most urgent challenge facing most online merchants permanently. They have to work hard to reduce their shopping cart abandonment, especially by continually tweaking and streamlining their payment.

For those traders who do business on Facebook or planning to do so now a new approach to streamline available: the ‘Buxter wallet, “a Facebook application created by famous internet payment service provider ClickandBuy. Not only this solution a Facebook app Fast Lane to provide a checkout by a highly streamlined “2-click-buy ‘option, but do to minimize the bounce rate of payment processing.

How does this work? We all know that the regular payment process: click on a ‘Buy Now’ button, will be redirected to an external payment processor like PayPal, enter payment information and eventually return to the merchant website.

* Do not let Facebook

Although this procedure is suffered, but generally accepted by users of standard web sites and online stores, this is not the case within the Facebook community. Facebook users do not want to leave the Facebook ecosystem in paying for a virtual object or property, eg in a Facebook app or game on a Facebook page shop. They want to stay within their familiar environment Facebook.The acquisition must be fast, because it is helping a user does within Facebook in this exact moment, eg buing a powerful weapon in battle or buy a virtual instant present.

* Pay inside Facebook

With a Buxter Facebook trader can easily exactly needs of users.When paying with Buxter the customer remains in contact, confirmation of payment through a standard contact confirmation dialog via a single click and an optional password. This streamlined payment process – branded by the Buxter team as In-touch payment “- completely eliminates the disruption of traditional media, payment process, ultimately increasing conversion rates for the merchant.

* Buxter the solution

“With Buxter we offer a large in-touch payment solution for any trader who sells on Facebook or plans to do so. If the seller is interested in conversions and lower cost contact credits we are definitely one to check,” said Christian von Hammel-Bonten, SVP and Head of Product Management at ClickandBuy.

* Download the White Paper

Today the team has released Buxter Buxter White Paper, subtitled “How to increase your ROI With Facebook App Buxter. This white paper provides a valuable insight into the business challenges of Facebook apps and how they can be controlled using the Buxter solution.

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