Google Loves Us Not…Google Loves Us…

This story is like an old episode of “As The World Turns”. A few days ago I posted about Googles updated Adsense TOS and how they were tightening up the TOS and how it seemed they were trying to nudge out the competition and force publishers to choose between the higher paying Adsense and the newer and start up contextual networks like YPN and MSN.

Jensense spoke with Brian Axe (the senior product manager on the Google Adsense Team) and he told her:

Namely, publishers can now display other contextual ads on the same site or page as Google ads as long as they have the same look and feel as our ads

To see what this could mean to you running two types of contextual ads on your site such as Adsense and YPN ads, click on over to her site and see her in-depth reporting on the subject.

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